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Our highlights at a glance

  • Your signatures are always up-to-date, everywhere
  • The high security standards guarantee seamless control over signatures, processes, and access
  • Free of charge access to lists of signatures by correspondent banks worldwide
  • An online list reduces costs when it comes to printing, distribution, maintenance, and archiving

We are convinced that SignatureNet can be very useful to you in many ways:

  • YOU keep complete control of your published data
  • All relevant data is saved in a central location and archived for 10 years
  • Considerably enhanced security with SignatureNet: you maintain complete control over access to your signatures

Always up-to-date, everywhere

  • Log in, enter a search term of name, find the signature: No more time-consuming searching for signatures
  • In-house bank employees whom you have granted special authorization are able to update and edit the list at any time while adhering to the two-person integrity principle
  • Access to your signature list can be granted separately for each correspondent bank
  • Individual coordination of the publication and management of signatures

The environmentally-friendly solution

  • Thanks to the paperless exchange of your data, the environment also profits from the online list
  • No longer having to send signature lists by mail reduces CO2 emissions to zero