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The more digital the channels between you and your customers, the more complex definitive identification becomes. IYC - Identify Your Customer - is one of the greatest challenges across all the distribution channels that must be met to be able to exploit the opportunities afforded by digitisation in compliance with regulatory requirements.


IdentityBase manages the large number of possible and applied attributes in a central tool and makes these securely and swiftly available in all peripheral systems.


It starts with KYC. - Then comes IYC which helps you in day-to-day business.


After clearly identifying your customers when starting a business relationship (KYC - Know Your Customer), day-to-day business involves fast and uninterrupted interaction via various channels and often around the clock. In this connection, the swift and definitive identification of your customer is crucial: IYC (Identify Your Customer).

The right characteristic for every distribution channel.


IdentityBase offers the cross-platform administration of characteristics that identify persons so that you can interact with your customers across various distribution channels without any hitches.


The person-identifying characteristics are made available to all relevant peripheral systems via a standardised interface secured at several levels.


Besides the actual identification (authentication), IdentityBase also manages rights (authorisations, power of attorney) and provides these to the peripheral system.